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Non Infringement Statement

Shanghai Superstar Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.



Non infringement statement

We “Shanghai superstar” have produced this AM label by ourselves without referring to any other patented materials, or patents belonging to any other company

    1. The material we used in the AM Label is a conventional one; it does not belong to any one of the materials which is used exclusively by any patented production in the market. The material we used is different from the one which is used by the Sensormatic DR Label. There is no “Cobalt” in the label which Sensormatic’s DR Labels has. The magnet that the Superstar AM Label uses is a soft magnet, which is different from Sensormatic’s semihard magnet.
    2. The design and manufacturing process of AM Labels is Shanghai Superstar’s own research and development independently.
      The method to deactivate is also different, Sensormatic changes the magnet over 100Hz/Oe to deactivate, while “Shanghai Superstar” erases the magnet totally as this is an advantage for efficient deactivation.

It is hereby stated that if a court imposes a sentence about issue or action against infringement upon Intellectual Property Right, or when “Shanghai Superstar” is informed about any issue or action, “Shanghai Superstar” has the right to adopt measures to avoid infringement and refuting the claim, responsibility or compensation of any form.